Saturday, 29 October 2016

10 Big Challenges Most Nigerian Bloggers Face

Blogging in Nigeria is not an easy task because every Nigerian blogger

in one way or the other suffers some setback in his or her blogging


In this short post, will highlight some of the

challanges Nigerian bloggers face.

1. There Is No Steady Power Supply

There has been steady power supply in Nigeria and this is a big

problem to bloggers.

As a blogger,there is need to be on the net every now and then in

order to see to the smooth running of the blog.

This has made some bloggers own multiple batteries and desktop

chargers to charge them whenever they see the light.

2.The Cost Of Data Is High

I have a friend blogger who one day came to me,asking me all i know

about sickle cell anaemia because according to him,he said he wanted

to write an article about sickle cell.

I told this my guy to do some research on google that he will get

better results from there but he told me he doesnt have data,that he

will publish the post online with the little credit he was having on


I told him that he was getting it wrong but he isn't to be blamed though.

Data is costly and a blogger needs to do some research about what he

is writing or about to publish.

3. Most Nigerian Senior Bloggers Don't Help

I don't know if i should say that they are feeling too bossy.

Who knows? It maybe because of the fact that nobody helped them during

their novice days.

Some of the senior bloggers won't even reply your messages.

The ones that will reply you will ask for a huge amount of money from

you for a minor issue.

E no good o.

4. Some Don't Own Good Phones

Some Nigerian bloggers still make use of small java phones.

Its okay but its not really okay.

There are somethings you may want to do but with that java phone of

yours,you can't do it.

There are some webpages you need to access as a blogger that java

phones can't open.

5.Poor Network

In Nigeria as of now,these are the major networks,MTN,GLO,ETISALAT,AIRTEL ETC.

In some rural parts of the country,some of those networks are not

steady and it poses a big challenge to bloggers.

You will have to wait when the network comes for you to update your blog.

6. Scammers And Hackers

Scammers and hackers are everywhere.

A friend of mine paid someone who called himself a web developer some

money to help him fix something on his website.

He gave the web developer his website login details to enable him do the work.

Do you know what happen,the so called web developer quickly changed

the login of my friends website and took it as his own.

This is frustrating.

Some of them won't even ask for anything.

They will just be monitoring your blog progress and when they feel the

time is right,they will attack your blog and take it away from you.

I will make a post later this week on how to secure your blog and keep

it protected from hackers.

7. Doing Because Others Are Doing Same

Most bloggers don't know what blogging is all about.

Probably because they heard Linda Ikeji is making big making it big

because she posts celebrity gists and news or perhaps because someone

told them that posts the latest stories in town

and nice articles,they decided to start their own without any focus.

As a blogger,blog on something you have passion for.

Don't follow the crowd.

8.Copy And Paste

This is a problem we create by ourselves.

Nobody is to be blamed for this.

If you are a copy and paste blogger,sorry,you don't know what you are doing.

Dullards don't blog.

To blog,you must have something up there to present to the world.

A blog is not a facebook page or group where you copy and paste posts

to keep your page running.

9. No Source Of Traffic

The joy of every blog owner is seeing his blog traffic increase on daily basis.

But in a situation whereby you notice that you are the only one

visiting your blog or forum,out of frustration,you may dump your blog.

I have seen people do that.

If this is the case with you,don't worry.

I will make a post on how to get huge traffic to your website daily

without much stress.

Just stick around

We are here to help.

10.Other factors include,Laziness,Parents disturbance,inability to

update regularly etc.

Last words...

Blog on what you enjoy and yot will see your blog grow daily.

Blog growth and popularity takes time,so be patient.

Word hard on your blog and let sucess speak for you.

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