Saturday, 29 October 2016

8 Words Nigerians Use Which Is Not In The Dictionary

Some words in Nigeria today are appearing like proper English word due

to the way we use them on daily basis.

English is the language our colonial masters taught us and we

Nigerians have refurbished some of their words to suit us.

We made pidgin our own that almost everybody here understand the

pidgin though not all can speak it well.


This word is used to describe a situation whereby the road traffic is

very slow due to a long line up of cars.

When there is a traffic hold up,most Nigerians will it"Go-slow"


I believe this word is deduced from "park".

Its not parker.The proper word is dustban.


Are you surprised?

You shouldn't be because the word gist doesnt exist in the dictionary

and i know you like gists.

No wondes you love


Wahala is used to describe trouble.

The word wahala is not in the dictionary but the way its used here has

made it appear as if its a real english word.

The word is made in Nigerian,By Nigerians and for


This word is mostly heard in buses and keke.

It means carrying someone on the lap in the bus so that the person

won't occupy any seat and pay money.

The only "lapping" in english means gentle sound of water.


In Nigerian,we use flashing to describe when someone rings your phone

and quickly cuts off before you answer.

Flashing is in the dictionary but not in the sense that most of us use it here.


The proper word is Peppery and not pepperish.


This is mostly used by corpers.

They will start asking questions like "where are you posted?"

Which one are you guilty of?

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