Monday, 31 October 2016

"My Children Will Not Inherit Any Of My Money When I Die" Bill Gate Declared In An Interview

It is true that most of us desire to create
something worthy of emulation and be able to leave
a great legacy for our children.

If we are
capable of such achievement that we can
leave something behind to make the life of
our offsprings easier, we would.
So, it was, therefore, a surprise when the
richest man in the world, Bill Gates
proclaimed that he will not be leaving a
penny for his children.

The Microsoft creator who spoke with Holly
Willoughby and Ben Shephard on ITV said he
will not be leaving his £70billion fortune to
his children.

Instead, he plans that the
money will go to charity after he dies.

"Well, our kids receive a great education and
some money but they will go out and have
their own careers," he said during the

He also added that if his children
inherit his fortune, it might distort anything
they planned to do with their lives.
Gates also made his known that his family,
including his children, understand and are
proud of his decision.

He is, however,
confident that his children will never go

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