Saturday, 29 October 2016

Wow.Checkout 5 Amazing Things You Never Knew Your Phone Can Do

1. If You Locked Your Car Keys In The Car,Your Mobile Can Perform A Magic

If your car happens to have a remote keyless entry,always carry your

cell phone along because one day it will help you.

If you mistakenly locked your car remote key inside the car and you

have a spare of that remote key at home,don't worry.

Take your mobile phone and call somebody at home.

Stand a foot away from your car door and tell the person on phone at

home to press the unlock button.

You will be shocked to see your car unlock.

Magical right?

At least it will save you the stress,time and expenses of taking

another transport to your home and back.

Information is power.

2. You Can Call Emergency Number In Times Of Trouble Even If There Is

No Network Or Sim Card On Your Phone

Yes,if there is any danger and the need to call emergency,you can dial 112.

112 is the emergency number for mobile.

You can dial 112 with your mobile phone even if there is no credit on

your phone.

Even if there is no network coverage,the mobile will search for any

available network to establish the connection.

The most interesting aspect of it is that you can dial 112 even if the

mobile phone's keypad is locked.

3. Your Mobile Phone Has A Hidden Battery Power

Most of you didn't know this.

Your mobile phone has a hidden battery power that you can use when

your battery is down and ready to trip off.

Dial *3370* and your phone will start making use of the hidden battery

which will be charged again when next you plug your phone for


But pray your phone supports this.

4. Your Phone Stolen From You? You Can Render It Useless With Another Phone

There is something called serial number.

Its a set of 15 numbers unique to a mobile phone.

It is also known as IMEI number.

To know your phone's serial number,dial *#06# and it will appear.

Write it down and keep it safe.

If someday your phone gets stolen and you discovered you can never get

it back(but God forbid...not in this hard times),you can call your

service provider and give them the phone's serial number.

With that,the phone will be damaged and rendered useless.

The person who stole it cant use or sell it either.

Now think about this,if everybody uses this method,do you think people

will still steal phones in this country,knowing fully well that the

owner will damage it?

I don't think so.

5. Your Phone Can Earn You Money,More Than You Can Imagine

I see people carrying big phones up and down just for making and

receiving calls only and i shook my head each time i saw that.

Only if you know what you can do with that phone you are holding right now.

If i should ride on with how you can make a living with your phone,i

think tomorrow will catch us here.

Well,you can make a living with your phone and when i say you can make

a living,i dont mean living from hand to mouth.

I mean living luxuriously and a big life with big money.

Ok...i will make a post soon on how to make a good living with your

mobile phone no matter who you are,what you are,where you are and how

you are.

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