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A Night With A Club Girl(Episode 1)

Adebode a part one undergraduate of university of Ilorin was among the

undergraduates left on campus a day after the second semester


Bode, as his friends used to call him had successfully spent part of

that day washing his clothes, kitchen utilities and arranging luggage

for the long journey.

Adebode shared his room with one other

undergraduate who left the hostel in the early hour of that day. He

was sitting on his bed which was arranged alongside the wall facing

the only door of the room and the other occupant bed was arranged at

the other wall side of the room, a table made from furniture and two

chairs were placed at the center of the room which Bode shared with

Kumi the owner. Whereby leaving a narrow passage around the table and

the beds for movement.

The time was quarter past five O' Clock when he left his hostel for garage.

Although he had waited for James who didn't turn up despite pleading

for his buddy during the trip.

James is an undergraduate who occupy the room next to Bodes', they

became friend just because they both came from Lagos.

Bode had waited more than an hour at the bus stop to a void

transportation. He was standing with two bags handle enclosed around

his hands when a young man from a distanced taxi waved towards his


Bode who was not paying attention was cognizant by a lady who was

dressed in a black veil, before he would triumphant James, the taxi

had already speed out of sight. He then turn back to appreciate the

young-lady who seems to have missed her trip forever.

Ignoring her state, Bode carried his bags and waited in exasperation

at the bus stop. Shortly, another taxi appeared from a distance.

"Molete!!!" he hailed, chasing the taxi. The taxi driver replied with

a triumphantly in pidgin "make you waka fass before dem cass me" pull

his hand out of the car window calling his attention to be quick.

He struggled with his bags quickly to catch up with him.

After he boarded the taxi, the greedy driver speedily drove out of the

scene while he tried to avoid the police man who almost got him.

"Oops!", Bode heave a sigh of relief that it was all over. The taxi

was occupied with five other passenger which was unusual. Two ladies

were occupying the front passenger seat and three young men at the

back seat who raised the alarm about how the driver drive away from

bus stop. Although Bode wanted to protest as well but he soon

acknowledge that the police man would not have noticed the driver if

he had not waited at the spot. He ignored other passenger in their

arguments as they journey within the town.

Two of the passenger alight at Taiwo road and soon as the taxi stopped

at bus stop, he paid the taxi driver leaving him with a lady, who

protest to receive her remaining balance. He ignored their

conversation and crossed the highway.

As he successfully cross the highway, he noticed a successful hotel

business where young and old walking in and out of it. At that moment

two thoughts came to his mind. The first was to enter into the hotel

and spend night while the second thought was the vise of the former.

He was thrilled with the beautiful ladies he saw so he decided to follow them.

When he got in, he went straight to the bar reception and ordered for a beer.

The bar receptionist looked at him and the expression on his face as

though he was a minor. He had to do his job regardless of what he


He was served chilled "Heinekens",

"wow!" he felt like a man for the first time.

He looked towards the dance floor and a lady her stature wasn't from

here, her curves was so perfectly placed that he couldn't help but

stare as she moved her body to the rhythm of the music playing from

the heavy speakers.

He left the bar reception spot and settled on a sofa some distance

from the dance floor.

When the drink on his hand was half-empty, the smell around him

changed from the mixture of the heat of the room and the drink in his

hand to a very romantic scent.

He turned over to see the source of this, he was shocked with who he

saw. It was the lady on the dance floor. This time, he could see her

clearer from the dim light that shone in the room, Angels would fall

over themselves upon seeing her. She was so beautiful...

"Hello mister, i am Elizabeth". She stated softly, mind if i share your sofa.

"Sure miss! Bode replied with gesture showing that he was pleased with

her request.

"You are so cute", she flattered.

"Thanks", he replied with a smile.

"I realized you were staring at me while i was dancing", she confronted him.

"Oh really!" Bode tried to deny.

"Would you be pleased with some dance mister",

"Oh well", he yearned.

He was about to deny her request when she closed his lips with her

well fixed index finger.

She jumped over his laps and began to dance to the song lyrics. She

brushed her bottom on him carelessly and that turn him on. She noticed

his erection and she grinned at him.

She continue dancing moving her waist to the song rhythm.

"So.., what did you call your name again?" Bode inquired.

"You may call me Lizzy", she replied raising her eye lashes.

"Are you a sightseer?" Lizzy asked.

"No" he replied involuntarily.

"I am an undergraduate at the federal university here", he stated briefly.

"So, have you come around to have fun?" She asked another question yet

dancing with her head to the song lyrics.

"Yes, he am presently on vacation and he decided to stay here before

he travel to Lagos by train tomorrow morning", he replied frankly.

"Lagos! She smiled at him showing better interest in him.

Devil! Bode muttered, but it's like he started to like her. She got

this well flaunted huge body. He paused to make her chat more but she

was mute.

So he decided to break the silence by praising her outfits.

Her red short gown was so much gorgeous that he couldn't help but

gaze. She was really hot and her curvatures were well flaunted in her

clever outfit.

"What about you, were you here for fun?" Bode added.

"Nope". She replied whispering.

"I work here, i am a stripper but I'm not on duty. I had a botched

date, was miserable and i decided to come dance alone", she explained

showing some sincerity in her expression.

Suddenly her bo*bs flirt. He was lost in her fantasies and he felt

like grabbing them.

"And what are you staring at?" She tapped him.

"No! ...Nothing I'm fine, i will be fine!" He stammered.

"Do u want s3x?" She continued as though they were proper. Bode

couldn't reject that because he wanted to enjoy every moment of that


He stared at her with some kind of snag before he finally nod.

They booked a room, But she suggest for some alcoholic drinks.


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