Thursday, 3 November 2016

A Night With A Club Girl(Episode 2)

They booked a room, But she suggest for some alcoholic drinks.

As if that was not enough. She also suggested they go on dancing when

the music was changed into a romantic salsa lyrics.

After they had lots of dancing he held her from her waist and they

went to the bar reception and ordered for two glasses of brandy

liquor. She smiled at him frequently.

Then they collected the key, and he helped her up the stairs as we

were both completely inebriate and exhausted.

They stopped at room B5. Which was the tag on the key he was given, he

unlocked the room door and they both entered.

The room setup was another world of fascination, everything was well furnished.

The room was a standard one, the bed was placed at the center of the

room touching one part of the wall leaving a space between the bed and

the window, there was a small table arranged very close to the bed

which occupied an angle between the window and the bed leaving the

other part for movement.

The toilet was just few meters from the bed spot and the cloth shelf

was forming a right-angle with the toilet leaving a void for movement.

For sure the bed switch were perfectly placed as one could control all

the room electrical appliances from the bed side switch controls. He

carefully studied the room as it was almost equal to the ones in


She fell out of exhaustion on the bed, with her back laying on the bed

while her heels were still on. Bode kissed her affectionately and went

to the restroom to shower.

On getting back to the room he realized she was considerably stunning

than the lady he saw dancing.

He moved close to her and whisper to her ear. You are really

beautiful, she blushed.

She discharged herself to the restroom.

Back in the room Bode realized her gown on the bed it was like a piece

of insignificant lines. How she could manage to use the outfit he


She came back to the room and her appearance was stark-naked. His eyes

beckoned her.

When she came closer his body begin to shiver, she was yet to touch

him when his erection was ready for the clutch. His saliva was empty.

She came closer and he knew something was certainly going to be wrong.

He winked at her affectionately trying to stop the perception. She

grasp his part. He nodded in eagerness because he was already

stimulated, he could feel some vibration on his part, she placed her

hand inside his short as she ensure she was holding his pen** and

making him stronger.

Yeah! It was a great and unhindered feeling. He carried her about some

meters above the ground and hit the bed softly. They kissed for hours.

He parting her lips. Her lips was cold. At the beginning but soon as

they continued he began to give it more slowly and emotionally.

She reach for her purse at the bed side table and from it she picked

out a cond**.

"Bode got his his wallet

He was about to present his when she outbreath.

"Yours first or mine? She whispered.

Anyone is alright, he replied quietly collecting the cond** from her hand.

He separated his legs from hers to enable him fix the cond** properly.

As soon as he have it done she hug him affectionately. He was sure she

was riding on him, she was very professional about s**.

She continued to ride faster and faster and it was as though he want to c*m.

Suddenly she reduced the speed on which she penetrates.

The position was excellent. His back was resting on the bed while she

does the penetration. It becomes faster again

This time around he was 'hot' and she also was screaming with the

mixture of pain and pleasure. It was like she was about to orgasm.

Suddenly he felt more strength from him, he couldn't explain where

it's from, and he pushed her to the bed and continue penetrating into


Abruptly his erection grew stronger and the penetration was higher,

she screamed in her illusions screaming as though he was hitting her

from an injured part and nodding her head to show she was really

liking it. Soon he realized it became more loosened at the knot of his

pen**. It became prompt and he c*m inside her. When he was out of her

he realized the upper part of the cond** were no more and the knot

part of the cond** was open and no sp**m saved in the cond**.

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