Saturday, 28 January 2017


I brought out my diary & started writing
some things. My diary is always in my bag cos I use it very frequently. Most of my things
were still in my house so I didn’t bring anything much.
Around 10 o’clock, I headed towards Deji’s room & I was glad to start work mmediately.

I saw d patient on d
bed sleeping with his parents by his side. I greeted &introduced myself as his
psychologist & they had been extremely happy. Just then,d patient turned in his sleep &
opened his eyes. He looked exceedingly attractive in his sleep& I could not but pity his
present state internally but that was not what I ought to do as a
professional so I smiled lovingly at him. I gave him a few minutes
to get familiar with his
environment & just as I was about to open my mouth, his mother spoke.

“it is good u are awake dear,ur psychologist is here” he smiled at me like he had known me all his life.
“I went to him still smiling &said, “Hello Mr. Deji, I am Miss
Belina Badmus & ur new
psychologist, don’t worry, in a few days, we would have fixed
this little thing up there”, I said casually & he laughed slightly.

He had a positive manner; I noted delightedly & knew that
it would help me tremendously
The look on richard’s face was unreadable, maybe surprise,anger,uncertainty, or even all of them; his expressions were
always unreadable just as he was
unpredictable. He stared at d woman b4 him & knew without a doubt that she is his
biological mother. He was barely above 5 d last time he saw
her but he still remembered how
she made no move to bid him goodbye. She never really loved
him; she always hit him even though that sort of treatment was not allowed there. She loved
her daughters a lot & his father had told him of how she fought for their custody in d

People say that u can’t remember what happened to u as a child but he remembered everything cos no matter how small u are, bad things have a way of printing its
footprints on ur mind that u find it hard to forget
She had aged but she still had d fascinating beauty that seemed
to draw everyone to her;something that pissed him
‘what are u doing here’ he askd

“Son, I…” she was saying.

“Cut it out ma,u are not my mum ok? That is my mum’s photo over there”, he said
pointing to a picture of his step mother on d wall. She looked
distraught at that & she started sobbing.
“pls, 4give me my son, I should not have treated u badly then, I am sorry”, she said as she
advanced towards him.

He stopped her b4 she got to him & said straight to her face,
“u have never been my mother & u can never, EVER, be my mother”. He stormed out of d
house & 4d 1st time ever,he did not stop even when his dad called him back.

Inspector Sule marched into d house of d deceased with a
renewed vigor. He had been like a mad man trying to find d
murderer who had d guts to come against d Deputy Governor’s son & hadn’t gotten
anywhere even though they had made useless arrests knowing
fully well that d people in d cell knows next to nothing about d case. He had appointed three
police men to stay permanently at Tunji’s apartment monitoring
d workers & ensuring that they did not go out at all.
When he got into d sitting room he gathered all d workers in d sittingroom &
asked them collectively,
“What do u people know about ur late
boss’ traveling plans?”
One of them who looked like d cook looked up & said,
olopa, e don tey since my oga don dey talk say him go travel go
oyinbo land with hin wife?”
“Wife? What wife?” d inspector asked, already liking d news.

“Aah, oga bin wan marry one girl, but e be like say d girl no dey
gree for am because na d papa just dey come hia everytime, I never take my eye see d girl
b4”. The cook completed.
Inspector Sule nodded
thoughtfully & said,
“so he was traveling out with his fiancee
that Saturday right? Maybe d girl killed him”.

The driver with more fluent English then said, “Yes sir, I wanted to drive him to d airport but he said I shouldn’t
worry, so he drove himself & just about 2hrs later, he came back very angry”.
“Yes, he angry well well o”, the
cook interjected, others just kept

“He just dey shout on top of everybody head & he bin break plenty cup o. I even hear
am as him just dey shout for phone say make person bring
money come give am for night”.
“What? Who was he talking to?”
d inspector asked.
“I no no ooo” she replied.
One of d most silent of d other two staffs felt
uncomfortable & d eyes of d inspector tormented him until he opened his mouth &
“sir, I am not an amebo but I also heard his phone conversation & didn’t hear any
name mentioned but after d call, he started saying some
things out loud & from what he said, I feel d person he was
talking to was Belina’s father”.
Elated, d inspector was visibly relieved & he asked d driver
if he had knows the address & he replied in affirmative saying
he had driven his boss there times without number. He took d address & walked out
smiling victoriously.


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