Tuesday, 24 January 2017

True Love! Man Dies While Trying To Save His Wife From A Falling Tree Branch (Graphic photo)

This is heroic.
A 91-year-old Italian pensioner was killed by a
falling tree branch after he jumped in front of it
to save his 49-year-old Thai wife.

Smedile, who was enjoying his retirement in
Thailand, was walking along the sea front on
Sunday evening when a 10ft long branch
snapped from a tree in Pattaya, a city on the
country's eastern Gulf coast.
Mr Smedile pushed his Thai wife out the way
but was then struck on the head by the branch
and killed instantly.
Police and rescue workers rushed to the scene
and found his body in a pool of blood as his
devastated wife desperately tried to revive him.
Police said the death was an accident but
would offer compensation to Mr Smedile's
family and had informed the Italian Embassy

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