Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Van Vicker Lavishes Praise On Wife As She Clocks 40 Years Today (pic)

Popular Ghanaian actor Van Vicker took to his

Instagram page to celebrate his wife of 13

years and mother of his 3 children, Adjoa.

He posted the photo above and wrote;

"I look forward to Jan 24th every year

for the past 22years. It's a special day in

my life, the birthday of my soul mate.

Today you turn 40. Today your life

'begins' and I am glad to be a part of it,

STILL. There are times we disagree on

issues but you just know how to get your

way; that's your negotiating quality. How

you manage, home, kids, work and my

baggage is the super mom quality you

possess. You have made some mistakes

and a load of good decisions; your

analytical quality. It seems you just get

better every year hahaha and tougher.

You have grown from that teenager to

this beautiful and amazing woman. At 40

today, I want you to know how much the

kids and I count on you, for real. You just


pray the good Lord keeps you around for

an even longer period. @40 comes with

its own female challenges...but who

cares. Ok let me rephrase that cos I

know you care, lol. @40 comes with its

own female challenges but we (I)love

you all the same. Baby, I don't mind

going through all the boxing drills, the

squats, etc. just remember if they all fail

I will still be by your side. Loving you is

way beyond what I see. Our 3 beautiful

kids remind me everyday. We love all of

you and look forward to spending more

years ahead. You bring joy to us all. You

are the BEST lady, wife, mother, friend in

the whole wide World. Happy birthday

baby and God continue to Bless you.

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