Monday, 6 February 2017

13-Year-Old Nigerian Boy Builds Fan That Lasts Up To 19 Hours Without Electricity

Thirteen-year-old Ukoma Michael from
Nigeria is one of the youngest and best
upcoming tech entrepreneurs in the world.
He invented a battery-operated fan that will
last for up to 19 hours. He calls them “Blue
Wind Fans,” and they come in different
shapes and sizes from table top to free
standing. Once the fans are charged, they
can run for up to 19 hours!

How he does it

Michael makes his fans from aluminum and
wire, and uses old cartons for packaging.
This makes them very affordable for low
income families, but the fans are
presentable and modern looking, blue with
a high-tech appearance. As a young
entrepreneur, Michael has more plans in his
future; he wants to eventually manufactor
not just fans, but also engine parts, and

A new trend in Africa

Michael represents a growing trend in
countries like Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, and
South Africa where schools are increasingly
becoming dedicated to encouraging youths
to develop exceptional solutions to the
country’s problems.
Young tech entrepreneurs like Michael are
not disappointing the schools or their
communities as they develop innovative
products that will not only improve lives,
but also have huge potential for
commercialization as Africa continues to

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