Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Chai! You Will Not Believe the Size of this Woman's Bum Bum(Photo)

As the economic recession in Nigeria bites
harder, Nigerians seems to be using social
media humour to escape any looming

This is a mind-boggling photo retrieved from a
massive social media page where Nigerians
have debated heavily on the authenticity of the
huge backside of this unnamed woman.
Some social media users took time to drop
hilarious commenters that threw the page into a
rowdy session of heated arguments. A group of
people alleged the seeming black American
woman must have squeezed a piece of foam
under her skirt before taking the photo.
Others claim it might be a photoshop exhibition
wihile some suggested it could be a product of
booty implants as seen in the developed world.
In conclusion, a few others defended the natural
status of the humongous bum as they made
reference to the big backsides of middle-aged
Nigerian women operating local restaurants
popularly called 'Mama Put' as well as other full
time Yoruba housewives.

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