Tuesday, 7 February 2017

"I Need Help, School Girls Are Seducing Me"-- Secondary School Teacher

As shared by Zambian watch editor

I am a male teacher aged 21

years at one of the boarding

girls secondary schools in

Southern Province.

I was

deployed last year in 2016

under a replacement exercise. The trouble I have is that my

pupils like seating half naked

in class when i am teaching. I

have been advising them to

stop doing that but they

failed to change.

My HOD in Mathematics told

me; school girls are just like

that.But the fun thing is that

as a teacher/cameraman,

school girls come to me to

have half naked photos and as a businessman, I have no

option but to photography

them the way they want. And when I am going through

their photos before handing

them over to them, i am

forced to masturbate because

of the attractive thighs they

expose. They are really seducing me.


when I am on duty and tries

to supervise them to their

dormitories, some undress,

triggering my sexual feelings. Now, following the Kasama

Girls saga and Nakonde

Headteacher sexual abuse, I

am fearing to lose my

employment as well. Please

Advise, what can I do in order not to be tempted by these

sexy school girls who are

deliberately seducing me? I

am the youngest male

teachers at school. I was planning to get a

transfer to St Marks Boys

Secondary School but I am still

weighing the situation.


school girls of nowadays are

behaving like South Africans. I need your quick advice,

otherwise i can make a

mistake here just like my

colleagues at Kasama Girls

Boarding School. I have

nothing to hide, some school girls are very beautiful and

extremely attractive sexually. Problem shared is problem

solved, thanks in advance.


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