Saturday, 4 February 2017

'Yes, Séx Is Food' - Actress Nkechi Emmanuel Tells Married Nigerian Women

Emmanuel popularly known
as Nurse Titi in the TV Series
'Clinic Matters' has advised
married Nigerian women to
see s3x as food if they don't want their husbands to look
elsewhere for it.

According to Vanguard,
Nkechi said in a broadcast: "S3x is not all about
making children. You
must be a different
woman to your husband
every time. Seduce your
husband, don't always allow your husband to
ask for s3x, there must
be no timetable for s3x.

Be creative, don't be
predictable. Give him
what he wants. If you
lose influence over your
husband, you have lost
womanhood. Be part of your husband's plans.
Allow your
husband to check in and
out anytime. When a
man is s3xually
satisfied, he is emotionally stable. Stop saying, is it food?
Yes, s3x is food. Pamper
your husband, put his
head on your chest and
pray for him. Give him
unannounced kiss from the back…. mwahhhhhh,
don't be too holy to kiss
and appreciate him in
the public. He is your
"Baby" and you are his
"Mother" & your husband for God sake.
Be romantic joooo, it is
good for the heart. Some people are not
happy that you're happy
in that marriage, proof
them wrong that you
love him and he is your
crown, always feel good when you hold him," she

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