Friday, 10 February 2017



“Please hurry up, we are going to be late for church”,
mummy said in her dazzling native attire. My makeup artists just did not leave me
alone as they were intent on making me look exceptional and I wanted to.

Yes, it is my wedding day! Prisca came in looking so unique in her wine
gown as the maid of
honour. She had her
wedding two months ago and it was the talk of the town. Their wedding had been very big and it was carried on TV. They did their
honey moon in the United States and had gone from one place to another,sightseeing.

We entered the car and
zoomed off. Definitely, a wife would always be late to her own wedding. I got there and guess who walked me down the aisle?
My two fathers did. Mr
Badmus and Mr Jegas. Mr Badmus is now a big man in the society and has remarried and coming as a surprise, his wife is pregnant!
God is awesome.

They took me to the front and I could not hide my joy.
When Richard saw me
coming, he opened his
mouth in awe and my steps quickened.

After sometime, we both were ready to say our vows and we said it gazing at each other’s eyes and a promise in our heart to fulfill our vows to the letter.
I respected him because he had fulfilled his promise of
respecting and not asking for s-x no matter how tense the atmosphere might be. We said our vows
and kissed with all the love in our hearts. After a lot of merry, there was a time for couple’s dance and a slow
romantic song was played, Richard took me to the center to dance floor and we moved slowly in circles to the music. He looked into
my eyes and said,

“Today is the happiest day of my life honey”. I smiled and said,
“Even when I am one
hundred years old, I wouldtremember today”.

Richard had briefed me
about his father’s wealth but I never imagined he was exceedingly rich and
famous until our wedding.

So many government
officials were present and so many TV stations sent their journalists to capture
the event.

“I want our daughters to be exactly like you. Your eyes, hair, nose, voice, everything”, he said smiling lovingly.

“And I want our
sons to look like you, to
have everything you have including your doctoring skill but most importantly, the colour of your eyes” He

“You have not told
me where we would spend our honey moon” I said after a while
“It is a surprise”, he said and kissed me deeply. All the journalists there battled to get the best position but later I forgot all about them
and enjoyed the arms of my love.

*I am here in Costa Rica
having the best time of my life. It is just so wonderful checking out the animals, exploring the forests and
swimming with the love of my life beside me and we are going to wrap it up by spending a week at Sunset
Beach in Jamaica. Believe me, it pays to wait until you say your vows before exploring what is beneath
the cloth of your spouse.*



Thanks for reading.
Meanwhile, another story starts tomorrow

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