Thursday, 2 February 2017


He was shocked at first but he later asked, “What do u mean, I
am not a half-cast”.
I smiled victoriously & said, “I know but u still have foreign blood in u. It is either ur mum is a half-cast or ur dad is.
I don’t see u having this colour of eyes without a foreign blood”,
I said knowing from his reaction that my judgement was right.
He looked amazed as he said,
“Well, my biological mother is a half-cast”.
I wanted to follow that
statement but I knew that it is best to know little of him for my
own good.
“Don’t think I did not observe ur subject swap, & u are good at it”, he said & laughed
“Christ,u are d--n
observant &thoughtful”.
I gave myself a pat on d back & smiled back feeling at ease with him, then I remembered that I was at work.
“Ok, I guess u came to see me d other time for something important but u were
unfortunate enough to come at d wrong time”, I said
“Oh, it is nothing serious, I just
wanted to pay u a surprise visit”, he said smiling.
I wondered how he knew my office but did not ask him & I made a mental note to ask my
secretary later
“Alright, I would be back & be sure I won’t accept d excuse u gave me earlier”, he said &
I breathed a free air immediately he left but I also missed him
The police men arrived at Tolu’s house in a casual car but with
uniformed police men in it.
Inspector Sule & d guy with d evidence finally got out of d car. The guy took out his phone
& dialed a number.
“Ore, bawo ni nowww?”….“I dey your house house, I just wan follow some people
groove go one joint but I tell them say make them stop for ur house. We dey ur house
now, u go follow?” silence followed, then he smiled, “I trust
u my guy, u now dey dull my spirit, I swear, we dey wait o”, he
said and hung up. The inspector had got d hint so he told his men to stay hidden around d
gate of the building & d car they brought.
The tattered looking guy sat down on bonnet of d car
with inspector sule who was busy taking note of every move.
He had learned to trust no one so he was monitoring d guy
beside him also
Within minutes, Tolu was out of d gate & upon sighting his
friend on d car’s bonnet, he walked towards him. One over-
eager police man forgot their initial plan & walked behind Tolu, gun in hand. The ever alert
Tolu noticed d silent steps of someone & within d twinkle
of an eye, removed d pocket knife that was always with him,
stopped immediately & threw his hand backwards, & sliced d stomach of his assailant like someone who was ready to do
operation. The police man fell immediately clutching his stomach & wailing. Tolu did not see d other police men so
b4 he knew what was
happening, he had been
rounded up with close to five guns aimed at his skull. His hands
were forced behind him & they were roughly handcuffed & he
was pushed into d car like a cow ready to be slaughtered. The
terribly injured police officer was also put in d car & they zoomed off without delay.
I attended to only one patient & next thing I knew, it was time to go home. As I was about leaving, I remembered that I had
planned to ask my secretary something about Richard & I
wanted to call her via d
intercom but decided otherwise.
I cleared my table & I checked to be sure that everything was
inside my bag & I found
Richard’s hankie. It had a lingering smell of him which made it look as if he was there
personally. I dropped d hankie in my bag, cleared my things,
said a little prayer of thanks to God & left my
I noticed Joke also preparing to leave
“Hey Joke”, I said
“Miss Belina,u are already leaving abi”, she asked
“uhn,I have told u that after working hours, I am Belina, for
God’s sake, we are almost d same age”, I said already hating
all d ‘miss’ bullshit.
She smiled & said, “sorry for letting that guy into ur office, I
did not know he would upset u”
“oh, 4get that. I want to ask u something. How did Mr Richard know my office? Is he a regular face?” I asked
Her eyes widened for some seconds, she quickly covered it & my professional instinct told me that a lie would follow. “I… I don’t know but he is a regular
face here”
I wanted to just just smile but I laughed my heart out & Joke knew that I caught her lie for
what it is. “C’mon now Joke,u can’t fool me. Tell me d truth & I won’t tell him or get
angry”, I said truthfully.
She sighed & lowered her voice in conspiracy, “I am not surprised that u don’t know
him for who he really is cos I also did not know for like a month since I came here but listen, that man is Mr Richard
Branson, d owner of Best Results Hospital”
I blanched & almost passed out at d revelation.

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