Tuesday, 7 February 2017


That was the beginning of
our relationship &it is an
experience that remains
stamped in my memory.

We were together for 3months, had some
misunderstandings which
never lasted two days b4
either of us, mostly him
would desolve & exactly
3months after our relationship started, I
got a ring on my fingers in
a very dazzling way.

I had been at home all
day,watching movies &
listening to music to my heart's content when all of
a sudden, d lights went
off. I was busy raining
insults on NEPA & trying to
look for d lamp when
suddenly d lights went on again. It went off & it later
started doing on & off like
u would see in
ghost films. I was so
scared that I ran out of d
house in utter confusion & when I got outside, I saw
chauffeur who claimed to
be sent by my father to get
me away from d house
that d house would soon explode. I was so scared
that I entered without
complaints. He drove for a
while & I asked him where
he was going exactly & he
said that I would know soon.

We drove for close to an
hour without traffic & my
panic started rising. I
asked questions & he did
not answer. I
started calling people secretly thinking that I
was being kidnapped by
nobody's number was
going through. I almost
died out of fear cos
everywhere was terribly dark.
We got to a place & he
told me to come down. "Are u crazy? Where am
i?" I yelled as I stepped out
of d car looking at d large
expance of bushes by my
sides. He pointed at a tiny
footpath at my front &said, "go through that path & u
would ur parents", he said
& as was protesting, he
d car & zoomed off.

Tears started pouring
down my face as I looked
round in fear. I stared at d
footpath & was scared as
hell then I remembered how I had escaped my
previous kidnap & moved
into d bush. The light from
my phone did not even do
anything to favour
me so I started running with tears in my face
when all of a sudden light
appeared everywhere & d
whole place was filled
with people screaming
'surprise'. My heart jumped & relief washed over me
even though my heart still
beat wildly.

Prisca came to hug me
&wipe my tears but I just
stood there looking like I was in another planet. I
was furious at d stunt they
pulled but d anger died
after I had been dressed
by beauty queenstwho
washed my feet tenderly.

I wore a flowing red gown
which was like
d most beautiful gown I
had ever seen. When I got
out, everyone had
vanished & I was standing there
looking lost again only
that this time, I was not
afraid. I turned round &
Richard coming towards me being traced by a
search light & when he got
to me, he kissed my
forehead & said, "I have
been waiting for u, heart".

I kept quiet & he led me to the most beautiful place I
had ever seen. We were
surrounded with flowers
which sparkled in d dark
like a star. I held him close
as my breath was taken away & whispered,
"It is so beautiful Prince"

He faced me & said,

"I want everyday of our
lives to be more beautiful
than this, love, but there is only one
way this can happen" he
said, knelt down & picked
something from one of d
flower & immediately, d
flowers grew letters. I gasped & looked from
the flowers to Richard &
he produced a sparkling
diamond ring.

"Please marry me", he said
& d tears in my eyes started
flowing freely. I looked at
the flowers & saw d
same words on it. I knelt
down in front of him &
shouted, "Yes… yes… yes… I would
marry you".
He slipped d ring into my
finger, I opened my eyes
everyone was there taking
pictures & I pulled Richard into my arms.

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