Wednesday, 15 February 2017

“Why It Is Good To Practice Pre-marital Sëx” – Actress, Chinazo Ekezie

Nollywood actress, Chinazo
Ekezie has in a recent
interview opened up on her
take as regards pre-marital

The actress in an interview
with tar Tracker noted that no
woman is truly happy without
s3x as he is a supporter of pre-
marital s3x to avoid later
regret Read excerpts from interview

What is your take on premarital s3x?

You want my pastor to call me
on the phone, right? But I will
tell you the truth now,
growing up, we were always
taught that we shouldn't have
s3x, we shouldn't do anything before marriage, but now that
I know better, or now that I'm
grown and with the kind of
experiences that I've had, and
that of other people, I think it's
kind of important to have premarital s3x. Seriously, because you have
your lifetime to spend with
this person, so I think it's
important you need to find out
what they like, how they like
it, if they like it, if they are teachable, because some
people will tell you that if you
don't like how your husband
makes love to you then you
teach him.
A lot of men are not teachable,
a lot of men think teaching
them how to make love to
their wife is a crime.

Yes, a lot
of men think it's a crime for a
woman to say don't do it this way, do it that way, aren't you
a woman, why should you
have a preference?

A lot of couples' sexuality don't
match, no matter how hard
you try, and once you marry
and you are not having good
s3x I don't think you will be
happy. I don't think any woman would be happy if
she's not having good s3x with
her husband, it's crazy. And if I'm to spend the first
6-7years teaching you how to
have s3x with me, I'll be

What would you do if after marriage your husband becomes impotent?
Marriage is for better, for
worse, because I expect that if
I get married now and I have
issues with fertility, my
husband will stand by me, so
yeah, I will stand by him. When there is any situation, no
matter how tough it is, it's
sorted by love, family pressure
is secondary, if you let family
pressure affect you, you might
even lose your love for your husband. I think two people who are
ready to work things out,
ready to spend the rest of their
lives together should build a
wall around their relationship

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