Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Adele Stops Stage Performance To Shout At A Security Guard Who Told Fans Not To Dance

A security guard received a backlash from Adele as he tried to take his job more serious than others present at Adele's mid concert performance at her just concluded Australian tour.

The security guard reportedly told revelers, who wanted to stand during the concert to dance, to sit down. However, this got the singer irritated,
as the footage posted on
social media, filmedher defending her fans who
came for the concert held at Melbourne's
Ethiad Stadium.

Adele who stopped her Water Under The
Bridge, was heard telling the security guard;
"Excuse me sir? I know you work here
but could you stop telling people to sit
down? This is a music show.
"If people can't see then they can stand
"If you're moaning about people dancing,
what the f*** have you come to a show
"If I see one more person be told to sit
down, I swear to God."

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