Saturday, 25 March 2017

Man Moves His House To Another Place After Government Threatened To Demolish It(Photos)

A Chinese man who didn't want to lose his house has gone to the length of  moving it 492 feet to avoid being demolished.

Owners of 165 homes in Taixing
City, China's Jiangsu province were told by the government that they would be demolished to
make way for a new highway.
The relocation was completed on March 21, costing the man 120,000 yuan (£13,959),
reports the People's Daily Online.

Villagers were told that their houses had to make way for a new provincial highway and
were offered compensation.
But one villager decided that he did not want to
part with his three-storey property, opting to
move the entire house 150 metres costing
120,000 (£13,959). He was also compensated
by the government for moving his house.

Relocating the property took two days and it
was completed on March 21.
The house was moved by wooden rollers.
Images show the house in the process of moving as other villagers look on.

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