Thursday, 15 June 2017

OMG !!!! See The Burnt Remains Of Apartment Tower Consumed By Fire In West London That Claims 17 Lives (More Pix Below)

These first pictures show the complete devastation left behind. Blown out windows, melted kitchen tables and washing machines, and other personal belongings were completely destroyed inside the apartments.
Firefighters are carefully going through the building to search for survivors, but it’s still too risky for now to try to recover them from the upper floors of the unstable tower. Structural surveyors, Urban search and rescue specialists would inspect the building today and once it’s declared safe, a full search would take place. London fire chief Dany Cotton said;
“Tragically now we are not expecting to find anyone else alive. The severity and the heat of the fire would mean it is an absolute miracle for anyone to be left alive. Some of the internal structures are not regarded as safe at the moment, however the central core is, so my firefighters have been up to the top floor last night, they have done the initial brief search from the doorways. So although we’ve been up there we haven’t managed to do a comprehensive search and until we can make the building safe then I really don’t want to risk the safety of my firefighters at this moment in time.”

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