Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Wonder Shall Never End, See Baby Goat Born With Human Full Face | See More Photos

A ‘demonic’ baby goat born with human-like facial features in Argentina has shocked locals and caused quite stir after photos of the animal went viral, Dailymail has reported.

The shocking features leaves the goat with disturbing protruding eyes and a flat face in San Luis province in central Argentina this week. The animal only survived three hours before it died.

Its owner Gladys Oveido said she was shocked and confused seeing the kid for the first time given its ‘strange face’ with ‘human-like’ features.

The kid – one of three born to Oveido’s goat – was found in the family’s field soon after birth.

‘As soon as I saw it, I realized the deformation. She had her eyes raised but the rest of her body was normal,’ Oveido told local news outlet El Chorrillero.
She said the kid only survived a few hours after its birth.

‘When we brought her from the field, she was angry,’ she said.

Oveido said she tried to feed the kid milk from a spoon but three hours later its health deteriorated.

‘I noticed that she began to fail her breathing and after a while she died,’ Oveido said.

Her daughter-in-law snapped several photos of the goat and its deformities and posted them on social media. People have been talking about the photos since it surfaced online.

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