Wednesday, 25 October 2017

SHARE YOUR OPINION!! Tinubu Or Obasanjo, Who Do You Think Is The Top Godfather Of Politics In Nigeria?

In Term of Knowlegesables Leader, Nigerians are blessed with the best when it comes to POLITICS

Over the years, the ‘godfatherism’ is a needed factor for any aspiring leader and the one who do not subject to the idea of ‘godfatherism’ would surely have him or herself to blame at the latter time.

Recently, there are just 2 political icons in the country; these two legends have held posts in their respective histories and today they become a stepping stone anybody should reckon with.

According to Internet dictonary, Godfatherism means ⇒ (uncountable) (Nigeria) A form of political corruption in which an influential member of a party assists another person in the climb to leadership.

Judging by the meaning of “Godfatherism“, we consider only Tinubu & Obasanjo are fits into that position as far as Nigeria’s Politics is concerned.

Tinubu, a former Lagos state Governor for 8 years, is known to have started the modern day Lagos Politics. Over the years, his successors (New Lagos Governors) are those he single handedly picked else you are nothing but a Loser.

Popularly known as the Jagaban of Borgu Kingdom. Tinubu is not only in Lagos, he’s involved in installing up to 90% of South western governors, and he had massive contribution to the success of the current president in the last general election.
Obasanjo on the other hand is a god on his own. He was the president of Nigeria for 8 years, and was also a one time head of state. Today, he is directly involved in almost all the presidents that has mounted the throne after him.

It is widely known that anyone who is interested in becoming the president of Nigeria must pass through OBJ. He is a boss like that.

With the two profiles of the aforementioned political gods, if you are asked to choose,

Who Do You Think Is The Top Godfather Of Politics In Nigeria

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