Sunday, 21 January 2018

AM I OKAY ? I Never Get Sexually Aroused Or Attracted To Girls Anymore

Hello Guys, you’all should come and do your thing, we have another brother who needs our help.

You guys have been so good in proffering solutions to someone people pressing problem on here, so with that we appreciate you all and we’ve been getting alot of help requests.

So here is another one, so kindly read through his own issue and drop your solution as a comment for us thanks.
Hi  I’m Pete (pseudonym), I’m 22, and a virgin boy, I come from an average family, I won’t say I’m too handsome but I’m averagely good looking.
There was a phase in my life where I was hyperactive and always drawn to the opposite sex that mere looking at a pic I get erection, this made me chased a lot of girls with different tactics( sweet mouth, dressing, money)
they all rejected me despite my looks and money, I resort to porn but find it disgusting.
I switched to masturbation it didn’t work infact nothing is enjoyable about it and sex workers are a no no for me,
After trying desperately for years to get a real girlfriend for the first time in my life I gave up on searching, I kept loosing intrest in girls.
Now I never get sexually aroused anymore, even when I see Unclad women physically or we get locked in a room I will feel nothing, the only erection I get now is the early morning erection, I’m not gay but I am really starting to get worried.
Please am I m still Okay?


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