Thursday, 25 January 2018

HE HIS A GAY!!! Daddy Freeze’s fiancée reveals why she divorced her ex

Benedicta Elechi, the Ex Wife of DaddyFreeze, has at last opened up on why she left her marriage of 10 years to Paul Odekina, the official general director of Human Resource at Total E&P Nigeria Limited. 

In a meeting with LIB, she stated: 

"I petitioned for a separation from him on account of his sexual corruption and there's where you get to as an individual when you understand that something or what is your point is never going to work. .
Because when I marked an agreement to wed him, I trusted I was wedding a man that mutual a similar sort of sexuality with me.
Try not to misunderstand me, I don't have any issues with individuals that have distinctive sexual introduction however when you come and say you need to get into a marriage contract with somebody, you both need to have the same sexual introduction.
So when you get into that marriage and discover it wasn't what you anticipated, it resembles you were deceived into the marriage. The marriage is a sham. For instance, we got hitched in 2002, I petitioned for a separation 2012.
For the time of 10-years that we were hitched, we really had sex only 11 times in 10 years. He never let me rest in his room, I need to remain in my own particular room. He would just come to see me when he supposes we should make a child.
Route into the marriage, I caught him in the act in gay sex. I strolled into him in our lounge room, at around 1:30, 1:40am with a person I didn't generally know. Yet, he clearly strolled in with that individual at that time, and I strolled into them in our lounge." 

I can reveal to you it was a battle. You are living in a general public where as a lady you need to do all that you can to safeguard your marriage. You can leave it, you simply need to supplicate, God can change things. 

There are sure things that we have to know when God is conversing with you. It's somewhat enthusiastic for me in light of the fact that there are a great deal of ladies out there that have experienced what I experienced and they can't turn out. 

I'm sad, yet there are a considerable measure of reasons I never needed to complete a meeting. The agony that I experienced is genuine and it can just take a lifetime to overlook. 

Whenever inquired as to whether she conversed with her family or anyone about it, she said; 

"When you feel that marriage is something the two gatherings need to chip away at, You would prefer not to bring an outsider into it, so you can give him some an opportunity to change and implore about it. 

Also, this is him beseeching you continually, don't abandon me. On the off chance that you do that am will murder myself. I will submit suicide, I don't need you to inform my folks or your folks regarding it. I guarantee you I will change. 

You would urgently trust that this individual will change since you need your marriage to work, and you simply find that the years are passing by, you are in it, you can't turn out. 

Who would you extremely like to tell? It's a shame and afterward you have children, you don't need them to be snickered at in school." 

Inquired as to whether she have any confirmation to go down her claims that he was gay while they were hitched, she said; 

"There were some instant messages I saw on his telephone which he sent to a man he really brought home for supper I made for them.
When I saw the instant messages on his telephone, I was irate. I needed to stand up to him with it. You can't convey somebody to the house and disclose to me he's a visitor that I ought to engage him, and this is really what you do, this is the sort of relationship you have with this individual.
Why are you rebuffing me, and why are you doing this to me. On the off chance that you know this marriage is a sham, at that point let me go.
When I saw the content I needed to wake up from the lounge chair. I faced him and he went all insane on me. He said I have no privilege to get his telephone. I revealed to him I had no broadcast appointment on my telephone and needed to make a call with his. He said I have no privilege to experience his telephone.
I said to him, is this what you truly do, you would convey some individual to the house, for me to bolster for supper and this is it. You are in a sexual association with this person." 

In the interim, OAP Freeze and Benedicta who have been as one for quite a while have a child together

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