Saturday, 20 January 2018

Mom shares horrific injuries her daughter sustained during a school trip, narrates how the teachers neglected her daughter

A Mom, Monica Jefferson took to her Facebook page to share photos of the horrific injuries her daughter sustained while on a school trip and also accused the teachers of neglecting her child. She wrote;
This is not something I will like to post. But It so crazy how nobody in this world think this is not bad. I really don't understand why. Cause if I would have done this too my child in sent her to school DCFS would have been at my door talking about we here to take your kids. But instead it happen at school. My baby go on a sledding trip with her school in. Nobody call me and let me know how she hurt her face or what was going on with my baby face at all. But I get a call from a outsider about what happened to my baby face. The school didn't call me or the principal didn't call. They make it back at the school in Time for lunch. So I go up to the school cause I have received this picture of my baby face to talk too the principal and what they tell me is that she is in a meeting I'm like a meeting so nobody wasn't gonna tell me about my baby face so what they have done was neglect my child didn't clean her or take her to the hospital didn't call the paramedics or shit. But say if she could have broke a bone or fraction something in her face or head they wouldn't know cause they didn't check to make sure she was ok they just took her by the fire to keep her warm intil it was time for them to go too the school So this is how I got my child back from the school. SMMFH and this happen in DeKalb IL at Gwendolyn Brooks Elementary

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