Thursday, 11 January 2018


Good Afternoon Our Fellow Readers

Today, We seek to address a crucial issue that many youths in our generation are beginning to take for granted. 

We live in an age and time where gross attention is focused on the public figure. An age where life is largely driven on the basis of public interest.

An age where individual status on social media has become a basis for judging progress and success. A time when business seminars place branding and packaging above delivery and integrity. Never in the history has makeup industry enjoyed such massive patronage like now.

I, therefore, put to us that we are beginning to neglect the needful which is our realness.

 Why do we make our business look so good on social media and yet, consistently fail to deliver the elaborate promises we make?

 Why do we give people an impression that we are rich and yet our accounts are shedding terrible tears of blood?

 Why do our ladies invest so much in trying to look what they are not?

I understand that we live in a society mounts pressure on us to prove that we are not failures. So, we are constantly trying to boost our public figure at the expense of personal damage. However, we must begin to strike a balance.

At what point did expensive gadgets become a standard for judging class, Where did we learn this from?

Personally, I can be a lover of good things also understand that there is a place of appropriate timing. I bought my first most expensive phone a few years ago because I could not afford to take blur videos for editing. Before then, I wouldn’t imagine myself spending such on a phone considering that I have a dream to chase.

My worth is not in my kind of gadget. If your expensive gadgets don’t aid in increasing your value, you do not need it for now.

Who taught us that pre-wedding shoot is pre-requisite for marriage?

Do not get me wrong, there is nothing wrong in this because I myself have great plans for this. However, the priority is given to it and other pre-wedding activities are where the problem lies.

It is, therefore, not surprising that in our age more marriages have crashed and will still crash because we spend so much time and energy investing in what we want people to see, how we want people to feel and what we want people to say; while very little or no time at all invested in building the post-wedding activities.

Folks, our society is core; we can’t afford to live base on public interest. We can’t continue to struggle to speak with an American accent just because we want our friends to see us as what I call “OMO BUTTY”.

You don’t have to avoid speaking in your local dialect just to prove you are POSH, only to go back home and start blasting in your native language. I once heard a man say “don’t just look rich”, be rich.

Our generation would rather prefer to be perceived as rich instead of being rich. I believe we need to begin to focus on our reality. By this, we are able to see who we really are. Then, we begin to identify were our strength and weakness lie.

The sincerity of our reality helps us to identify things we need to develop and drop off from our lives. The world will become a better place if we consistently accept our reality and stop being fake.

Living fake will only attract fake people, lead you to fake places and eventually destroy your life. So, ask yourself today WHO AM I?

There is a Yoruba proverb which says:-

“Alatise ni n mo atise ara e” – English Meaning that “The discovery of one’s authentic self is the bedrock of all success”.

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