Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Boko Haram Leader Abubakar Shekau Releases Another Threat Video

Boko Haram Leader Abubakar Shekau Releases Another Threat Video 

Abubakar Shekau, Boko Haram pioneer, has said in another video that he is burnt out on the cataclysm coming upon his gathering.

"I am worn out on this catastrophe; it is better beyond words go to rest in heaven", he said toward the finish of the 10-minute video.

In the video, conveyed mostly in Hausa, Shekau couldn't conceal his dissatisfaction on the proceeded with antagonistic vibe and loss of his supporters to government troops. With a broken voice that obviously double-crossed his feeling, Shekau begged his non-warrior individuals crosswise over Nigeria to get arms and enable him to battle till he drops dead. He notwithstanding, stayed disobedient. Read the full content of his deciphered discourse underneath...

"I have no protracted message to convey aside from on the issue of worshiping God alone and serving Him without getting worn out. Our own dislike that of the unbelievers whose love resembles the cobweb. Much the same as one of the pioneers of unbelievers, who resembles a gorilla, was as of late gloating that they have framed a joint power with Cameroonian powers to battle us.

"That they would pursue us from Sambisa backwoods as well as in all parts of Nigeria. So we too have pronounced that we would prefer not to perceive any Nigerian in Cameroon, in Chad, in Nigeria and even Benin Republic. So I approach our brethren in Abuja, in Lagos, in Benin, in Kaduna, any place you locate any Nigerian ensure you shoot him dead on the off chance that he is intentionally against us; yet in the event that he is uninformed of our ways, show him on the most proficient method to comprehend our ways. This is our first message.

"It isn't tied in with moving toward you, since that has just been finished by our God.

"Our second message is to assault any individual who vow to Nigerian his nation, to be dedicated, steadfast and genuine, and serve Nigeria. Any individual who puts stock in securing the enthusiasm of Nigeria is our objective. The one whose statement of faith is to create western instruction where heathens are prepared is our foe. Whoever that stands on any belief other than that of our Prophet Muhammad conveyed to us; the one that his awesome supporters took after, should realize that he is our affirmed foe and in the event that he goes up against us we will battle him.

"In this activity that we left upon, we are not going to brag excessively about, but rather we implore that God should end our lives while on this battle and not on some other thing else. May God help us on this conviction.

"So you Nigerians particularly the young vigilante, we will battle you and that thing that drives you to get arms against us; we couldn't care less what they call you, be it Civilian-JTF or any sort of power. Similarly as you said you don't need us on the substance of Nigeria, so might we too pronounce you persona non grata in Sambisa. Let any individual who has brains to think to abstain from moving around Sambisa timberland. Those of you the pioneers of the troops will never again have tranquility recently like the way you think you have made here awkward for us.

"Furthermore, you General Rogers that is as of now driving the troops and gloating that that you have assume control Sambisa and have saved a few ladies, why have you not saved the police ladies that we stole? You liar, for what reason would you be able to safeguard them? You are occupied with beguiling with pictures of vehicles that we seized from you and surrendered for more than three years and guaranteeing that you have murdered us. On the off chance that you have executed us, why are we still alive?

"Goodness you brethren of our blessed statement of faith, wherever you are, should ascend and battle for Allah. On the off chance that you can't do it there, at that point approach our side and battle for the reason for Allah. You should realize that whoever that neglects to take after the educating of the Holy Quran and Hadith can't enter heaven. (In broken voice) Because the example of life on the planet today isn't Islamic. Wherever you are, regardless of whether you are in Saudi Arabia, and you have your firearm, please fight, slaughter whoever you see that isn't our ally.

Seize and convey them to us. Our course is to build up our caliphate and bite the dust doing that.

We may not be alive to see the caliphate but rather regardless of whether it comes to be after we have die it is as yet a reward on our side.

"This is the message I have for all of you. My name is Abubakar Shekau, the one that is an invulnerable foe that you are battling.

"That is our stand. I am worn out on this disaster; it is better amazing go to rest in heaven."

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