Bulksms Reseller Guide Ebook For Sale At Affordable Price.

Would you like to start making money from your own BulkSMS website similar to www.ogbongesms.com ? Introducing: "The BulkSMS Reseller Guide " What is the Manual All About? The manual explains to you in easy to follow steps (using pictures) on how to set up your own bulksms website WITHOUT doing any coding. All you need to do is to fill the forms, input the website address you want to use, input your prices, input your bank details and your site will be ready asap to start making money for you. You will be able to sell SMS at your own rates and make cool margins! In the guide, you will also learn how to register the domain name (website address) you want to use for your SMS site. Inside the guide, you will also learn: •How To Register For Your BulkSMS site with less than N2000 •How To Get A Domain name for your site for close to N1500 •How To Set Your Prices •How To Fill Your Bank Account Details •How To Give Free SMS To New Users Of Your Site •How To Credit Users •How To Delete Users •How To Use The "Support" In Responding To Users Queries etc How Much Will It Cost Me To Set Up The SMS site After buying this Manual? The manual will explain the secret of how to set up your bulkSMS site with just N4, 000 . Breakdown of the N4, 000 N 2,000 will cover the cost of the domain name you will use, i.e www.somethingSMS.com N 2,000 will cover the registration fee with the BulkSMS company that will host your sms store and be selling sms to you at cheap rates. No need to pay for web hosting because the BulkSMS company will host your site for free. How Much Will I be Getting SMS To Resell? ==> The ebook will explain to you how to get sms as low as N1.35 per sms and as high as N1.95/sms ==> The ebook will explain to you how to set the price you want to sell your sms at your site. ==>Note: this eBook was not written by me,it was written by one of the must successful blogger ,Jide he sales at 2,000N but I will be selling at 100N 50% off,for now ==>Also Note:That my reselling is legal, because at the purchasing of the eBook you gets the rights to resell. so you see if you don't want to own a reseller site or setup one for people which is at 10 to 11,000N ,you can still resale. I am selling this to only a few people because I myself don't want many competitions. Hence, It might not be available any moment from now. So, ACT NOW ! ==>bounce offer is "proposal letters to contracts" •Wish to buy call ,text or add me up on whatsApp ==>07014974163 Act Now!! OR Uf you don't have the time read the eBook or to design the reseller site, oya put me in, I will do it for you at a good price, within a short period. You can still contact me with the above contacts.

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